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My Pake (2022)


 A young filmmaker seeks out the story of his late grandfather’s time as a 6-year-old in a Dutch tuberculosis sanatorium in the 1930’s. Through conversations with subjects who have their own unique connections to the sanatorium, the filmmaker uncovers information that informs his understanding of his grandfather and his experience.

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Directors Statement

Director: Henry Van Zytveld 

Director of Photography: Henry Van Zytveld 

Editor: Henry Van Zytveld 

Music: Huib Braamskamp

Featuring: Bartje Abbo-Tilstra

                  Lucie Hopman

                  Karen Van Zytveld

My grandfather passed away when I was 5 years old. Being the youngest grandchild by several years, I got the least amount of time with him. What I know about my grandfather is built through the stories that I hear from my family.

When I had the opportunity to film a documentary in Europe as part of my studies, I knew that I would be interested in pursuing something about my families’ roots in the Netherlands. I had heard stories about my grandfather’s illness, but it was always one of the stories that lacked a lot of details. I ultimately decided to take a leap of faith and attempt to tell a story from 90 years ago.

As I produced this film, I quickly learned that it was not just about his illness and his time in the sanatorium but more so about understanding a man that I never really got to know.


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